Goal Setting,


This summer I'm keeping it simple! My work goal list is out of control so I felt these personal goals should be realistic and attainable. Each one will add quality to my daily life. 1. Finish our home makeover. Easier said than done, but we've been making some good progress since returning from our honeymoon. It's definitely looking cuter than ever around here. 2. Frame, hang and print out wedding photos. I still haven't done this with with our engagement photos, so I know how easy it is to forget. I love having a lot of visual memories around our home, so this goal will be a good one to complete! 3. Buy a bicycle and ride it. First I need to find one, which means I need to go to the flea markets more... sounds good. Then I want to give it a little makeover (already have the colors planned out, of course) and ride it around town. This is, by far, my most difficult goal because I know I'll be pretty busy. That said, I really want to do it! 4. Develop Holga Film from wedding & Honeymoon. Again, I know how bad I can be about this because I have a couple rolls right now that are over a year old. All I need to do is drop them off at the photo shop. This is a must! At our wedding we had some Holgas sitting on tables at the reception and all the film got used (yay!)... very curious to see the photos from those rolls. Umm... and that last goal is work related, so never mind. I was just giving myself a reminder to focus on preparing for Autumn because it's a very busy time in the retail word.... can never be too prepared! 

What are you goals for this summer? Leave me a link here and I'll read your blog post too! XO, elsie 



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