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I'm so excited to announce the launch of my newest E-Course, D.I.Y. Dress Up. My senior intern, Mallory, and I developed this class for women who want to learn to sew their own clothes. We created seventeen projects that vary in skill level from simple bows and belts to more complex dresses and purses! If you want to learn to sew from a beginners level or build confidence to make your own patterns and dresses, this course if for you! 

Here's a quick review of all the sessions...  

Session 1: Make Your Own Topstitched Bow. Learn how to topstitch while stitching up pretty bows for your hair or belts. 

Session 2: Make Your Own Magazine Tote. Get comfortable with your tools and basic stitching technique as you make the perfect bag for magazines. 

Session 3: Make Your Own Makeup Bag.  Figure out that putting in zippers isn't as scary as you think while making a mess proof makeup bag.
Session 4: Make Your Own Jersey Headband.  Have your first experience with sewing stretchy material to make the perfect hair accessory.
Session 5: Make Your Own Belt.  Learn how to design a really unique belt that fits perfectly.
Session 6: How To Draft A Pattern That Fits Your Body. Fear patterns no more!  This session will arm you with the tips and skills you need to begin pattern drafting and customizing store bought patterns.
Session 7: Make Your Own Paper Bag Skirt. Find out that hems aren't a scary as you thought they were.
Session 8: Make Your Own Chevron Top. Tackle the chevron trend and match stripes like a pro.
Session 9: Make Your Own Fringe Laptop Case. Insert padding and make perfect fringe with this lesson. We love this laptop case!
Session 10: Make Your Own Ruffled Skirt. Learn how to make perfect ruffles. Every girl loves a ruffle or two and this skirt is adorable!
Session 11: Turn A Tank Into A Pretty Dress. Find out the quickest way to make a perfect little dress from materials you probably already own.
Session 12: Make Your Own Jersey Tank Top. Make a cool breezy tank while learning to cleanly finish a stretchy edge.
Session 13: Make Your Own Lace Dress. Learn some tips on how to deal with tricky fabrics the right way.
Session 14: Alteration Basics. Love vintage? Learn three ways to fix up unflattering or damaged garments. We use these tips at Red Velvet all the time!
Session 15: Make Your Own Maxi Dress. This session will show you how to use elastic to keep up an extremely wearable maxi dress.
Session 16: Make Your Own Cardigan- Sewing sleeves can be really tricky. This lesson will break down how to set them with ease.
Session 17: Make Your Own Statement Bag. Use your new skills to make an advanced handbag with hardware. 

Bonus Sessions:
Fashion Dictionary Learn to talk like a designer and read patterns like a pro! 
Think Like a Designer Using inspiration without being a copycat! Learn to translate things that inspire you into your own design. 
Hand Printing Learn hand printing techniques with Elsie. Get the look of screen printing without any special equipment. 
Also included, Sewing Basics and Supplies. 
The course is priced at only $29 US. We wanted it to be super afforable so that even our college student readers could enjoy it. I hope that this course will inspire many of you to sew your first dress and become friends with your sewing machine! Sign Up Here. XO, elsie

For more information on the e-course we offer, take a peek here! ♥ 


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