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After many reader requests, I've put together a fun and simple photo how-to for styling a messy bun! It's easier than you think to get a nice high messy bun. Here's how I do it...




How To Style A Messy Bun 1. Depending on how long your hair is you can style the bun on the top of your head, towards the bottom (near your neck) or to the side. My hair is pretty long, so I can style it all three ways. If your hair is shorter, try a lower bun. See below for more variations of the messy bun. 2-3. Tie a ponytail. I love them super high at the top of my head. Be sure to tie your rubber band tight. 4. Use bobby pins to twist and pin pieces of your hair all around the base of the ponytail. This creates a super cute bun! 5. Be sure to use plenty of bobby pins so pieces don't fall out. 6. Arrange and spray! ♥ 




My messy buns looks a little bit different each time I style one. When my hair is curly or wavy the bun looks more messy and varied. When my hair is flat ironed the bun looks more smooth and circular. 




Here are a few examples of fun variations for the messy bun. I love wearing it on the side of my head or down low for a different look. Have fun experimenting! XO, elsie 



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