After the wedding I got tons of questions about styling braids with lace and styling beehives (as seen on Rachel's hair here). Here is part one... the braids! Lace braids are so fun and easy to wear. They are perfect for Spring/Summer and can be styled casual or dressy! Here's how I do it...


1. Supplies needed: Lace, scissors and two rubber bands. Maybe some bobby pins too. 2. Separate hair into two low pigtails. You can do more than two sections if you plan to pin it up. 3. Measure from the bottom on your scalp to the end of your hair. You'll need a piece of lace that is double that! Tie it onto the base of your hair, as if tying a pigtail. 4. Braid lace into your hair. Just add it to a strand of hair and braid as usual! 5. Tie off at the bottom with a rubber band or another small piece of lace. 6. Ta-Da! You did it! Wear the braids as cute folky pigtails or pin them up into pretty little buns.


Cute as can be!


A second styling option is to pin them up and wear them as pretty buns. I love this look. It's perfect for a date night.  XO, elsie

PS. Extra special thank yous to Kinsey for modeling for us.


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