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Like many of you, I love using instagram! It's so fun, simple, and easy to maintian since (like most people) my phone never leaves my side. It does, however, sadden me that I haven't printed out a single photo from my iPhone.


First up, this amazing instagram wall display (via Apartment Therapy). I love photo photo displays that make you realize how full and beautiful everyday life really is! I can't wait to print my photos out and attempt something inspired by this wall.

Secondly, I saw (via Naomi's twitter) that Blurb is now offering these super cute Instagram mini albums. Now, this is perfect because my BFF took about 1000 phone pics on our wedding day. Enough to fill a whole album? Yes, I'm pretty sure. I'm going to order one ASAP. I might start ordering one each season with our newlywed memories... how sweet! 

Recently, Jeremy and I had a conversation about how much blogging / iPhone / digital photography have changed the way we approach photography. It's so instantly gratifying that I often go a full year without printing any photos at all. I have fewer and few photo albums (much less scrapbooks) in my home. I think that is pretty sad and so these solutions excite me! I want something for my kids to look through when we're old besides my blog.... and no, I'm not pregnant. (joke of the day, sorry I had to... wink!)

Hope these solutions inspire some of you to print our your memories! xo. elsie

PS. my instagram user name is elsiecake XO! 


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