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Hi There! We've been so excited about the response to our new e-course, D.I.Y. Dress Up! Over the weekend I recieved tons of questions about the course, so I thought it would be helpful to post a Q & A with more details about how our e-course works. I'll be sure to post some reviews in the near future as well! 

Q: Do I need to own a sewing machine to take this e-course? A: Yes. You will need to have access to a home sewing machine. We recomend this Brother Sewing Machine. It's affordable (around $150) and has a lot of great features for a first machine! Mallory used this machine to sew all of the dresses for our last dress collection! Note: You do not need a serger for any projects in this course. 

Q: I don't live in the US, will my time zone affect my course? A: Not at all! This e-course is continually available 24/7. That means that you can sign up at any time and do your sessions at your own pace. There are no deadlines for signing up or session completion! It's perfect for busy students or someone eager to jump in and spend a lot of time learning! 

Q: Will this course help me learn to use my sewing machine? A: Definitely! Every machine is a little bit different so you will need your sewing machine manual too (for basic set up instuctions). The courses are very well paced from basic to more advanced skills by Session 17! 

Q: I've never used a sewing machine before. Will I be able to handle this course? A: Yes! The first few projects are basic for absolute beginners. The skill level progesses with each project so you can truly learn as you sew! 

Q: What format are the sessions taught in? A: All of the courses are taught on a private blog with pictures and written instructions. There are tons of photos for every project and Mallory explains each step in detail. The course is not interactive, but the sessions are extremely detailed and written for beginner level and up. 

Q: What can I expect in terms of supply cost? A: Each project calls for a maximum of two yards of fabric. I highly recommend only shopping for supplies for a couple projects at a time. Projects are super afforable and you may even be able to use some vintage fabrics! 

Q: In the Alterations session, what skills do you teach? A: I chose the three most common alterations that we use for vintage at Red Velvet. You'll learn to shorten a hem, remove sleeves and replace a zipper! 

Q: How long will I have access to this course? The course access is unlimited. When you recieve your login information, you should save it or write it down for future access! The automatic e-mail we send out expires after three uses, so please save your login information somewhere where you know you can find it. 

Q: If have a question about the course. Who can I contact? A: If you have a question about registration or login for the private blog, you can contact Emma (support AT redvelvetart DOT com). While taking the course, if you have sewing questions you can contact Mallory (mallorymakesthings AT yahoo DOT com). 

Q: I'd like to share this course with a friend, is that ok? A: Each course spot is only for one person. Please do not share your password. 

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I'll be sure to link some reviews as the weeks go by! XO, Elsie


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