Today I wanted to share my greatest source of inspiration for my shop, Red Velvet. It's the British fashion label, Biba (circa 1960s-1970s). I discovered Biba in the past year (thanks Mallory) and fell instantly in love. I love so many things about the biba brand.  First of all, the story is absolutley magical! I ordered this book last spring and have been so inspired by it!


Biba was trendsetting label. I love these designs by Barbara Hulanicki, creator of Biba. Through the years she's designed so many amazing pieces through her fashion label, but also in the interior design world. She's also an amazing illustrator. She's quickly become one of my heros in design. Here's my favorite wallpaper from her collection...



One of the first things I was attracted to about Biba was their incredible logo. It's perfect beyond words. 



Oh my... the makeup. I love this look. A lot of the styling for Biba was inspired by the 1930s. So pretty!



Here's Kate Moss styled as a biba girl. I love this look. The hair, the eyes, the dark dark lipstick. Gorgeous! 


When I read that Twiggy had modeled for Biba I couldn't help but be a little (tiny bit) jealous. She's such a legand that this made perfect sense! What a great fit. Not only did Twiggy model for the label, she was also a huge fan. I've seen a few interviews where she tells stories about Biba at it's prime and how competitive it was to shop there since things sold out so quickly. Love it! 


I'm head over heels in love with this photo of the Biba shop girls moving to their new location! The shop had three incarnations, ranging from a small boutique to a seven story department store. Swoon! When I get my time machine, the first place I'm visiting is Big Biba.  


The coolest thing I've ever seen in photos of the interior of the Biba stores is this giant record player! It's a display for records. So beautiful!! 


I love the use of pattern in the Biba collections. So many beautiful graphic prints! 


One of the best things about falling in love with Biba is that now I can search for it everywhere I go. Although the odds are very slim that I'll stumble on a treasure trove of vintage Biba, it's my new obsession and I love a good hunt! XO. Elsie 


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