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Hi there! I thought it might be fun to mix a little D.I.Y. love into my outfit post today...


I wanted to accessorize my new heart dress with a big sixties style bow! You wanna make one too?


Here's how I made mine... 1. Supplies needed- Needle, Thread, Scissors, Sash from a vintage dress (I prefer belts to matching sashes so I often use my sashes for other purposes like a hair scarf, or this!) 2. Tie your bow. See if you need to trim a few inches off your sash. 3. I needed to trim about 10 inches off. I cut it from the center of the scarf. This is a shortcut because you don't have to re-sew the edges of the sash. 4. Stitch the center of your sash back up. You can be a little messy because the knot will hide theses stitches. 5. Tie Bow. Make sure stitches are hidden. 6. Fluff your bow! It's done. This project only takes about 10 minutes. 



Use a safety pin to pin your bow to the neckline of your dress. This looks adorable with any dress that has a collar. 


Hope you have a wonderful day........ XO. Elsie 

Outfit Details: Dress c/o Asian iCandy, Shoes/Swedish Hasbeens c/o ModCloth, Tights/Target, Bow/D.I.Y.


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