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A couple weeks ago, I found a paint-by-number at an unbeatable price. I can't pass these things up even though I already owned this particular design. I thought that I could maybe use it to make a fun D.I.Y., but my new rule is that all thrifts that I purchase with the intent of restyling need to get done right away. I have way too many half finished projects in my life. With that little bit of motivation I came up with a fun D.I.Y. to display some of my favorite song lyrcis in our newlywed home. Enjoy....




Here's how I did it... Step 1. Find a paint by number or vintage painting that you like, but not one you adore (since you'll be painting over most of the design). A damaged piece works great, or a print you aren't too crazy about or ever a duplicate piece, like mine. Steps 2-3. Supplies needed: Artwork, Letter stickers (see 3 for the exact stickers I used. I purchased them at the art section of Michaels. You can also get them at hardware stores everywhere) White paint (in hindsight I would use spray paint, just a hint!), a paint brush and scissors. Step 4. Cut out and plot out your design. I know it's an extra step to cut out each letter, but it's much easier to create nice spacing this way! Step 5. Stick stickers. Place them as perfectly or imperfectly as you fancy! Steps 6-8. Cover the entire art piece with a coat (or two) of white paint. I wish I would have used spray paint because my letters bled a tiny bit. Spray paint is preferable. Step 9. Allow your paint to dry. I layed my piece on the front porch for an hour. Next, peel the letters off carefully. Step 10. Yay! You did it. Enjoy your new piece of art! 




I displayed our piece in our bedroom, on Jeremy's side of the bed. These song lyrics are by Camera Obscura, one of my favorite bands. You can hear the song in our wedding video here. The little bearded man art is by Ashely G and the coffee container is where we collect spare change. Happy Monday! XO. Elsie 



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