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Autumn is here! I found a vintage hat the other day made of velvet and knew I wanted to recreate it into a wreath in these warm fall colors. It's simple but rich and creates a nice touch to our entry way.


Step One: Gather Supplies. You'll need a half wreath form, 1/2 yard of fabric to wrap around your wreath form, velvet in three different colors (1/4 yard each), 1.5 yards of 2" wide satin ribbon in a coordinating color to use on your wreath, 1 yard of wide satin ribbon for hanging your wreath. Embroidery needle and coordinating embroidery thread.

Step Two: Cut your 1/2 yard of fabric into long strips to wrap around your wreath form. Then secure it by stitching it together at the beginning and end with embroidery thread.

3Step Three: Cut your velvet yardage into four lengths of 4.5" x 22". Fold each long side in so that the two sides almost meet in the middle. Iron on low heat so the edges will hold. Skip this step with your satin ribbon.

Step Four: Fold your strip in half lengthwise and then open it so that it lies as it does above. Repeat with each strip of velvet so that you have four of each color. Repeat with your satin ribbon.


Step Five:
Place your first four colors so that they are arranged as above. They should overlap slightly. If they are longer, trim the ends.

Step Six: Add in each additional layer so that the points fan out slightly and the ends are all tucked in.


Step Seven:
Start with one piece of velvet and layer the ends on top of each other (slightly). Then stitch them to the fabric wrapped around your wreath form. Knot to secure and trim ends. Repeat with each strip, checking your progress as you go.

Step Eight: Once the ends of each strip has been secured, stitch the very tip down onto the velvet strip beneath it so that it won't be seen. This will secure it.


As simple as drinking a latte. Or at least just as enjoyable.

Add a huge satin bow, leather leaves, or a cute little figurine to customize your own velvet wreath. Happy crafting! xo. Rachel


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