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A storage solution for small spaces that can double as seating when you need it? Yes, please. This DIY record cabinet allows you to keep your favorite music on display and can be put together in an afternoon. All you need are some metal milk crates and supplies from your local hardware store to make your new favorite piece of furniture.




: The image above shows clamps and a hammer. Turns out you don't really need them! However, you may want to add stain or paint as well as rough sand paper and a damp cloth to your supply list. I also used four locking casters but you only need two that lock.

I found my metal milk crates at a local flea market. They have a bit of corrossion on them but are still in great shape and have a nice patina to them. If you don't have an abundance of flea markets in your area you can try craigslist or eBay. I purchased my 1x12x72 piece of wood at a major hardware store and had it cut in half to 1x12x36 on site. The small blocks of wood were also purchased pre-cut since I don't have an electric saw at home. I put this together on my front porch. You'll need access to an electric outlet and somewhere with good ventilation if you stain or paint your wood.



1. Lay one of your cut pieces of 1x12x36 wood on the ground. Place one 1x4x6 block of wood in the corner so that the edges are almost flush with each other. Place one of your casters in the center of your small wood block and mark the screw holes. 2. Remove your caster and block from your larger piece of wood. Drill through your block on all four marks. Place it back on your wood, hold it steady with your hand, and use your drill holes as guides to drill about 1/3 of the way through your large piece of wood. You don't want to puncture through the other side. You also don't want to drill through your hand. Be careful with both! Once you're done with one, repeat with the other three corners. 3. Now is a good time to sand your wood down for a smooth finish.




4. Spread some wood glue in between each 1x4x6 block of wood and place if flush in each corner. Screw your casters in to your pre-drilled holes making sure the two casters with locks are on the same end. Wipe off excess glue. The screws will compress the wood as the wood glue dries. It's just an extra layer of sturdiness. 5. Flip your bottom piece over and pat yourself on the back. 6. Center your metal crates on each end of your bottom piece so that the open ends are facing you. The edge of the crate should be slightly inside the edge of the wood by about 1/3".




7. Place three NM/SE Cable two hole straps down on the bottom of each crate with one near the back and two on each side so that they are straddling bottom rods. To keep your crates from sliding, place the two side straps flush against the back of the strap as shown above. Place the back strap flush against the front of the strap. Even though they are wider than your crate rod, this counter pressure will keep your crates from moving. Mark your screw holes. 8. Drill about 1/3" into your bottom board. DO NOT drill all the way through. 9. If you'd like to stain or paint your wood, go ahead and do so before screwing your crates down. I didn't stain the underside of my bottom board but I did stain around the edges of the wood blocks. If you'd like to stain or paint everything, do this before step four. Follow manufacturer's instructions on staining or painting.




10. Once your wood is dry, place your crates back down and screw your straps on. 11. Place your other 1x12x36 piece on top of your crates and center. Make sure your edges are all lined up. Carefully mark where your straps will go on the underside of your top piece of wood. Remove it and pre-drill your holes about 1/3". Again, DO NOT drill through. 12. Place your top piece back on and center again. Screw your straps on. As shown in step twelve, the two side straps are flush against the rods with the back of the straps and the back strap is flush against the rod with the front of the strap. You're done!




Set your record cabinet up in an ideal spot near an outlet and lock your casters. Set up your record player and enjoy styling your milk crates.






The great thing about this bench is how versatile it is. Turn it into an entry way bench to corrall shoes and use it as extra seating at your next get together. Use weather treated wood and use it outside as patio furniture.




No matter how you use your new bench you can be proud that you've made something beautiful AND practical. Enjoy! xo. Rachel



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