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A few years ago I made a cute little leaf garland at the start of September. Now, it's a mini tradition and I always enjoy making something cute and decorative to ring in the new season every year. Would you like to make one too? I thought you might!


Here's how I did it...1. Cut leaves... as many as you like! I used Fancy Felt and yarn. In the past I used embroidery thread too. Thread is easier to sew, but I think yarn is a little bit prettier. 2. Stitch the leaves together. This is a good project to do while watching a movie or waiting for some cookies to bake! 3. Be sure to add knots to each end of the felt leaves and to the ends of the yarn to prevent fraying. 4. Hang it in a doorway, on a mantel or on a bed frame. Enjoy your leaves...


Here's the original garland I made back in 2008. See the embroidery thread instead of yarn?


Here's our cute little garland decorating our register at Red Velvet. Have fun getting crafty... It's that time of year! xo, elsie


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