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I had tons of fun creating these cute vintage inspired face plates! I have a lot of pebeo porcelaine paint (both liquid paint and markers) and have enjoyed making my own dishes in the past. I thought it woudl be fun to make some face plates inspired by simple retro characters. This paint is pretty cool because you can bake it and it becomes safe to eat on AND dishwasher safe! Here's how I made these little cuties...


Step 1: It's time to go thrifting! You'll need some plain white dishes. This is a great opportunity to restyle and recycle something used. Step 2: Painting time! I use pebeo porcelaine paint (I used the marker for this project, but the paints are also super fun). When you finish, let the paint dry for 24 hours. Step 3: Time to bake! Follow the baking instructions on the paint tube or bottle. Enjoy!


Here's how my cute plate couple looked after I baked them. They're now safe to use and ready to be "dressed up" with food. This is a great decor item for parties as well as something that kids can enjoy!


Here's my Mrs. with strawberry & raspberry hair.


And here's my Mr. with a beard made of cheese and cherry tomato hair. Pretty cute, no?

Have fun creating something cute and unique with porcelain paint. It's so much fun! XO, elsie

ETA: I just recieved this link saying that these paints are not actually safe to serve food on. I suppose they are intended more for the decorative part of a dish (outside of a tea cup?). Huge bummer :( Thought I should pass that along. XO!


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