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Metal flower vase
Another reason to bring flowers home from the market! This DIY mixes hard and soft elements to create an interesting modern vase. Bring home your favorite blooms and display a grouping of similar vases at your next get together.

You'll Need: A few round, glass jars in varying sizes and widths, a sheet of metal screen as shown above (found at most hardware stores), wire cutters, yarn, scissors, gloves.

Note: Wear gloves to keep your hands safe while working with sheet metal. Not responsible for missing fingers.

DIY vase
Measure the height of each glass and add about 1". Then measure around the circumference of your glass jars and add 2". Cut your metal screen along the straight lines to avoid sharp points (sharp points shown above). Make sure to measure twice and cut once!

Once your metal screen is cut, wrap it around your jar to be sure it's the right size. The ends should overlap about 1".

DIY vase
Choose yarn (or twine) in your favorite color and start at the bottom of the overlap and tie a knot. Wrap your yarn through three times in each little triangle (as shown above). It secures the metal screen to form a vase and adds some color and interest. As you can see, the sharp pointy parts have been cut off the top edge to create a smoother line.

Metal screen flower vast
Make three or five for the biggest impact. Spray paint your metal before you tie it together and use coordinating or contrasting yarn for a completely different look.

Ditch the flowers and add tea lights to create interesting votives as the nights grow longer. Any way you customize it, this simple DIY will add a lot of interest to your table scape. Have fun! XO, Rachel


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