D.I.Y. Project,


I had so much fun making this easy-peasy tote bag. Wanna know the best part... it glows in the dark! This bag is the perfect size for library books, a quick grocery trip or a bunch of pretty vintage dresses. Have fun creating your own quirky tote! 


Here's how I did it... 1. Supplies needed: A large blank tote bag, fabric paint, a pencil and a small and medium size paint brush. 2. First sketch a design on paper. It can be funny, sweet or silly. Mine is inspired by The Wizard of Oz. Then, sketch your design directly onto your tote. 3. Paint all the solid parts of your tote with a medium size brush. 4. Start adding details with a smaller brush. The stripes on the tights were the post time consuming part for me. 5. Finish adding details. Let your paint dry completely between each section to avoid smudging. 6. Last, but not least, use some glow-in-the-dark fabric paint to paint over just one detail on your tote. I did the stripes on the tights. The glow paint goes on clear. Use two coats. My tote took about 2 hours (not counting dry time)... Have fun!


I love how these first few weeks of Autumn have me feeling super inspired to make project after project. What's your favorite season for creating? xo. elsie


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