I am so proud to share our Autumn Lookbook video! We designed it to be a big sister to our Spring Lookbook. I love the vignettes of my favorite Autumn traditions like pumpkins, caramel apples and halloween costumes... I hope you enjoy it!

Dress Update: Dresses from this collection are for sale on our site. A couple designs are sold out and very close to selling out. We were thrilled with the response to this collection! Thank you so very much! Oh... and you might notice a heart + arrow caplet in this video. It's a design that had to be cut from this collection, but we are currently working to produce it through another source. I'll blog more about it soon. It's a very special piece to me!

Credits: Directed by Brandon Goodwin. Music by Jeremy Larson with guest vocal by Stacy Dupree-King. Shoes courtesy of Seychelles Footwear. Models: Sarah, Laurel and Morgan. Styling by Elsie Larson.


Special Thank You*s to Seychelles for sending us some increble shoes. xxoo, elsie

ps. Feel free free to post our video on your blog... we'd be honored! Just please link RV in your post. Thank you.


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