D.I.Y. Project,

I love accessories, especially when it's a special piece that no one else has! Today I'm going to teach you to make a super unique belt! This adorable arrow belt is the perfect accent for a simple dress or top. 


Here's how I made my belt... 1.) Supplies Needed: Leather in a couple different shades, lace ribbon, yarn in tones you love, scissors and a Crop-A-Dile. 2.) Draw your arrow shapes on scrap paper and trace them on the back of leather pieces. You'll need a triangle for the point and a piece for the feathers (see step 2 photo). I always make paper templates first to make sure I'm happy with my design before cutting the leather. 3.) Cut a 10 inch strip of leather for the arrow's bow. I also cut a detail piece to embellish the feather part of my belt. 4.) Punch holes throughout the leather pieces, every where you want to stitch with yarn to attach the pieces. 5.) Start attaching pieces with yarn. 6.) Attach all pieces, including the ribbon to each side of the arrow. Ribbon pieces should be long enough to tie behind the waist like an apron. 7.) Add any finishing stitches to embellish! Now you have a unique and special accessory to wear!


Have fun creating! xo. elsie


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