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Do you love the look of hand stitched accessories? Me too! This D.I.Y. is absolutely adorable and so much fun to stitch up while watching a movie at home with hot tea and popcorn. Enjoy...

Supplies Needed: white cotton fabric, an embroidery hoop, a pen, gold leather or faux leather, embroidery thread, needles, a chain, jump rings and a pair of jewelry pliers.

1. Sketch the chevron pattern you wish to embroider on your cotton with a pen or pencil, then fill in the pattern using straight stitches. The secret to getting a beautiful result is to sew the stitches really close to one another. 2. Change color for each row of chevron and try to change the orientation of your stitches with each color. At the top of each row sew some back stitches to hide the junction between colors. 3. When you’re done with the embroidery of the chevron, take a piece of white cotton fabric a little larger than your design, and the piece of leather cut at the same width as your chevron (you can cut the length the size you want). 4. Use a rotary cutter or scissors to fringe your leather. Leave 1 inch unfringed at the top. 5. Put your white cotton fabric and the chevron pattern right side together. Secure with pins and sew on the side and on the top leaving an open space to be able to turn your chevron right side out. Don’t sew the bottom. 6. Once sewed, insert the piece of leather through the bottom of your chevron, pin it and sew it. 7. Turn your chevron and embroider all the edges to hide the stitching and to give a pretty finished look to your chevron. 8. Hook your chain on the embroidery stitches you just made using the jump rings. ♥ 

This D.I.Y. was brought to you by A Beautiful Mess reader Julie Camaille. Take a peek at Julie's Etsy shops, One Little Red FoxPamplemouss. They are both full of gorgeous handmade work. xo. elsie 


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