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Vintage tablecloths are some of the sturdiest textiles around but they're usually badly stained or expensive. Turning them into dish towels is one way to repurpose something destined for the rag pile. Take it one step further and hand-print your own design on them to modernize them a bit and add some extra charm to your kitchen.






Find a place on your stained table cloth large enough to cut into a tea towel. This can vary in size but 16" x 28" is a generous size.




Fold your raw edges over twice (1/4" each time) and pin. Stitch on all sides, press flat with iron. You'll also need fabric paint in your desired color, foam (the thicker the better), a small paintbrush, and cardboard.




Place cardboard under your fabric before painting so it won't bleed through. Cut your desired shape from your foam and cover one side of your foam in an even layer of paint with your brush. Test this out on a scrap piece of fabric so you can see how it turns out. Adjust accordingly. Gently pick it up off your fabric starting with one side and rolling it off. Keep stamping until you're done. Be sure to follow manufacturer's instructions with drying time and washing instructions before using your dish towel.


You could also skip the stamping and use your paintbrush to add an ironic statement or design on your tea towel. Make some for house warming gifts or as stocking stuffers this Christmas. You can feel good about your thoughtfulness and pat yourself on the back for recycling, too. xo. Rachel


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