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Recently, Rachel made this wreath and many of you commented that it looked like it was made with ties. Well, that gave us a brilliant idea and we had to try it out! Here's our first 'reader inspired' D.I.Y.! Thank you for the lovely idea...


Here's how we made this wreath with vintage ties from the 1970s! I chose these ties because Jeremy will only wear ties from the 50s and 60s that are skinny. These larger 1970s ties come in such pretty patterns, so this is a fun option for a new way to enjoy them! I might even make a spring version with a different color story someday...

1-2. You'll need a small collection of vintage ties (18-20 ties for a 12 inch wreath form), a foam wreath form, plain fabric to wrap the form with, pins and craft glue. Take fabric and begin wrapping it around foam base pinning as you go. Cover the foam form completely. We used brown fabric.
3. Next, begin cutting your ties off around 7 inches from the tip.
4. Begin pinning ties around the foam,working "backwards" so that the end of the previous tie is covered and you can't see the pins.
5. Once you've made it all the way around, begin gluing down the ends so that the flaps won't fall open when it is hanging. 
6. Then take the remaining fabric from your favorite tie and make it into a bow and pin it at the top!



Have fun making your very own wreath with vintage ties. They are fun to collect and I love this new way to enjoy them! xo. elsie + kinsey


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