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I love the look of hand printed textiles! I recently shared how I make my own adhesive stencils. Stamping is another fun way to create your own print. In this post I'll share how to make a basic shape stamp and use to to create a pretty pattern. I stamped this fabric covered journal! Enjoy...

To make your stamp you'll need... craft foam, wood blocks, a permenant marker and wood glue.

Here's how to make your stamp...
1. Draw a simple shape on craft foam. Remember that the image will print reversed, so if you are making a letter it needs to be flipped! 2. Cut out your shape and adhere it to a wood block with wood glue. Allow it to dry completely. 3. Now you have a brand new stamp! You can use this with ink or paint. Be sure to clean it after each use. Here's how to use your new stamp... 4. You'll need paint, a paint brush and a paintable surface like fabric, wood or paper. 5. Brush paint onto stamp before each application. You can also use a roller if you prefer. 6. Now you have an adorable hand printed piece! This is so fun and addictive. Imagine all the creative possibilities...

Pretty soon you'll be stamping everything! xo. elsie



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