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1Soooo, this weekend I am turning 29. Last year I made a goal list, as I do every year. The birthday list concept was originally inspired by Hula Seventy. I think my very first one was "24 before 25". Every year I make a list. I never finish every single thing on the list, but it always inspires me to do things that I would normally put off. It's so much fun! So here's a recap of this past year's list and all the goals that were accomplished (or at least that I got photos of)....


1. Create an inspiring studio space. Check! I spent lots of time this year creating a home studio (not photographed yet, but here's an instagram peek) as well as a much improved studio for Red Velvet. This was fun.


2. Design a clothing line. Check! I'm so glad that I put this on the list. At this time last year my clothing line was still just a sketchbook full of ideas! Over the past year I designed my first two collections, built a wonderful team of seamstresses for Red Velvet and had so much fun learning along the way. I'll never forget these memories!

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4. Get married and enjoy every minute. When I made this goal I was engaged and just starting to plan our wedding. I was very nervous that the busy schedule of the year or the stress of planning a wedding would catch up with me. I promised myself that no matter what, I was going to enjoy our wedding season and let it be a happy time! Throughout the whole process, Jeremy and I were careful not to let stress mess up our experience. It was the happiest year ever and our wedding is one big wonderful memory! I am so thankful for this. It was pure magic!



6. Discover a new artist. I discovered Barbara Hulanicki this year and became a huge fan. She is the creator of the iconic brand Biba, as well as an artist and product designer. She's become one of my personal heroes!


7. Discover a new band. One "feel good" band that I listened to a lot this year was Best Coast. We play it at the store a lot.


8. Learn to take *real* days off work. This was a much needed goal last year. I had a real problem with not being able to take days off work due to guilt and stress. Over the past year I started taking off at least one full day every week (sometimes two) and it has been AMAZING. I've spent a lot of "me time" decorating my home and going on short trips with Jeremy. This goal has improved the quality of my life, big time!


9. Newlywed Nesting/Home Makeover. I really really enjoyed this. I actually have a photo shoot scheduled for a "home tour" next week... so I'll be sharing all my progress in the near future. Making our newlywed home special and warm was one of the best memories of my 28th year. 


10. Visit Corina. I wish I had photos of this. We went to my grandma's cabin and she let us look through her vintage clothes and keep stuff. It was amazing and so special. I definitely consider my grandmother, Corina, one of my personal style icons. 



12. Hang photos in our home. Here's a work-in-progress shot from a recent photo hanging adventure. I'm happy to report that we now have lots of memories hanging in our home! 



13. Create a RV lookbook for each season. These were so much fun! I love styling photo shoots. It's one of the best parts of owning a business! Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter

16. Makeover our website. Check! This was fun.


22. Design my dream closet. Done. I can't wait to share photos in our little home tour coming up soon...


23. Write a book. In progress! We're hard at work on this. (eeeep!)


25. Start video blogging. This goal definitely evolved over time. We spent the last season prepping to film a web series. It's been so much fun and a dream come true. Our first episode will be posted here next week!!!


27. Learn to sew. While I wouldn't say I "completed" this goal, I got a nice little start

28. Start a new collection. I started collecting family photo albums (our first one). I want to have a whole bookself full of them someday! 

What a wonderful year! I guess it's time to start making a new list for this coming year. Have you ever made one? If not, you should try it. xo. elsie


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