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1You no longer have to settle for a cheesy reindeer door mat to welcome your holiday guests! With your style in mind and a little bit of paint you can make something that feels much more like home. I chose a simple geometric design that mimicked pine trees and used gold and white to make it more festive.

2I found an inexpensive, bristly door mat at a local box store with an unpleasant design that I knew I could cover up. Since my door mat was a dark color I went with a base spray paint color that would easily show on top, metallic gold. You can choose from a variety of colors but keep in mind that a light spray painted base might not cover the darker mat as well. You'll also need a paint brush and acrylic craft paint in your color of choice. I chose warm white to contrast with the metallic gold base. 

3One can of spray paint should cover your mat easily but feel free to use two. Be sure to work in a well ventilated area and protect the surface you're working on with cardboard or a drop cloth. Follow manufacturer's instructions on your spray paint can.

4After you've allowed for drying time you'll want to paint your second layer with your acrylic paint. I free-handed my triangles and varied the height and width but you could also measure things out for a sharper design. A bristly mat will give you the effect of flocked trees. I used a whole tube of craft paint to fill in my trees. Once you're finished let it dry before putting it to use.

5A custom door mat will cheer up your space for the holidays but would also make a great house warming gift for any season. Happy Holidays! xo. Rachel


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