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I love this D.I.Y. by our beautiful contributor, Amanda of Indie Jane. Try this cute jewelry box with lumberjack flannel or soft floral fabric for a different look!

Supplies needed: wooden crate, cork tile, fabric, tape measure, scissors, hot glue gun, cup hooks, T-pins, sawtooth hangers.

If painting or staining your crate, do this beforehand to allow it time to dry thoroughly. These crates can often be found in antique and thrift stores, but you can also get them in various sizes at craft stores. 
Step 1. Measure out the inside of the crate, and cut the cork to fit inside the bottom.

Step 2. Cut a square of fabric about an inch or so longer than the cork on each side, fold the edges back and secure with hot glue.

Step 3. Place your cork tile into the bottom of the crate. It should fit snugly! You can use a little hot glue on the bottom of your crate if the tile wiggles too much.

Step 4. Screw in a couple of cup hooks on each side. These are best for holding longer necklaces that may not fit inside the crate.

Step 5. Nail a couple of sawtooth hangers for hanging. (If your crate is on the heavier side, some sturdier hardware may be needed. I've found these work just fine.) Step 6. Hang your crate, then stick T-pins in the cork to hang necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. This is a functional yet eye-pleasing way to display all your favorite jewelry!

I love this project because it's cute, simple and functional! It's the perfect piece for a bedroom or bathroom... wherever you get ready each morning. Have fun making something pretty for your space! xo. elsie 


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