Velvet bird 1Velvet bird 2Velvet bird 3Velvet bird 4Velvet bird 5For the past three years I have supported myself solely on an income from my small business. It hasn't always been easy, but I'll never regret it. I've learned so much about work ethic, celcebrating each small step and countless lessons learned the hard way. The truth is that all small businesses are incredibly hard work. Each one has it's own set of struggles, hopes, dreams and fears. Through all of this, I've learned how incredibly important support is! I wouldn't be where I am today without the loyal support my my friends, family and blog readers. Because of this it's very important to me to support other small business owners whenever possible. Buying handmade, vintage and local... theses are topics I could talk all day about. It's such a wonderul feeling to support people who you believe in. I would love to encourage you to support small businesses this Holiday season! It's a magical way to give back to people who take big risks to bring something special to the marketplace... like this dress I'm wearing today. xo. elsie

Outfit Details: Dress/The Velvet Bird (yep! it's handmade!), Shoes c/o ModCloth, glasses/UO, Cardigan/hand-me-down from Missy. 


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