Gift wrap 1If you're anything like us, you have a pile of gifts building up that need to be wrapped! Today, Emma and I are sharing four super simple gift wrap ideas that we did with supplies we already had laying around. Enjoy...

Gift wrap 2For this first look (pictured above) you'll need some craft wrapping paper, tape, sissors and vintage trims. We have a huge collection of kitschy trims from the 1970s that we've picked up a garage sales. Simply wrap the trims around the package and tape them on the bottom! 

Gift wrap 3Gift wrap 4For this next idea, wrap your gift in atlas paper. We thrifted some big atlas books this year and have been using them for all sorts of fun projects. Add a piece of yarn, a silver pipe cleaner heart and a white feather to top it off! 

Gift wrap 5Gift wrap 6I love japanese washi tape! This next idea couldn't be easier. Just layer the washi tape in a plaid inspired pattern and tape a spotted feather on to finish the look! 

Gift wrap 7Gift wrap 8I love a little sparkle during the Holidays! This last gift wrap idea features a big glittery bow. To make this bow... 1. Fold a pipe cleaner in half. 2. Pull each end in toward the center and twist to secure in a figure 8 type pattern. 3. Repeat 6-8 times. 4. Twist pieces together to form a full and pretty bow! XO. elsie + emma too


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