2012 calendar diyAs you know, I've made it my New Year's goal to complete 52 crafts projects in 2012. Just simple and fun projects to use for my home, get organized, to wear and sometimes to give as gifts. Even though it's not quite yet the new year, I decided to go ahead and get rolling! As part of my mother's Christmas present I decided to make her a calendar for 2012 that featured a different picture of my dog for each month (she's just about as crazy for my dog as I am!). I used instagram photos c/o Postal Pix.

Calendar diy suppliesSupplies needed: 12 subject images (I used instagram pictures of my dog), plain poster board, a mini calendar (or you can create your own calendar pages), scissors, glue, yarn and decorative paper for the cover (I used silver glitter craft paper).

Pug calendar steps1. Cut out all your pieces. Trim the calendar pages to the size you need. Cut out 13 square pieces of poser board, big enough to fit your calendar or picture images with a slight boarder. 2. Glue down all your pieces. This step includes gluing down the photo images as well as the calendar pieces. I found it was helpful to lay everything out exactly how it needed to be before I began gluing everything down. 3. Use a cropodile or hole-punch to add holes to the top portion of the calendar, this is wear the yarn will be added to hold the calendar together. Make sure your holes match up with each other as you go. 4. Glue on any decoration you want on the front cover, I made mine say 2012 with a little star for fun! 5. Thread yarn through all of the holes, putting the calendar together in the order it should go. 6. Tie knots in the yarn, and trim off any excess.

Pug calendarEasy, huh? This was a fun and simple project that I really enjoyed. And my mom was pretty excited to have this unique and quirky little gift for her art studio. Thanks for letting me share my first handmade craft of 2012 with you! xo. Emma


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