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Elsie larson closet 1Hello there. Welcome to my favorite room in the house... my closet! My sweet husband helped me turn one of our spare bedrooms into a giant closet this past summer. It's been the best treat ever! In this tour, I'll share all the details of my closet plus some fun storage solutions. 

Elsie larson closet 2One of my goals, when designing my closet, was to store everything as visually as possible. I love being able to see all my clothing and accessories at a glance! It saves me so much time when styling outfits and pulling items for photo shoots. 

Elsie larson closet 3Elsie larson closet 4I use this wall to hang favorite dresses and upcoming outfits. This dress is my favorite piece that I designed for Red Velvet this past year. I wore it at my rehearsal dinner and I love having it hanging in my space. 

Elsie larson closet 5One of my favorite collections is vintage luggage, especially the floral kind! I stack it under my coat and dress racks. I love seeing vintage pieces stacked and organized. 

Elsie larson closet 6Elsie larson closet 7I found this pretty vintage swim cap on our honeymoon in Austin. I love it so much and I just found a second one. Photo shoot next summer? Yes, please. 

Elsie larson closet 8Elsie larson closet 9I have a small wall of art in my closet, it's mostly vintage pieces and some pretty Ashley G. prints (I'd rather be thrifting is my favorite!). I also have my "Mrs" banner from Nice on Etsy. It was hanging on my seat at our wedding

Elsie larson closet 10I wanted a fun way to display jewelry, but I didn't want to build something complicated. I opted for simple wooden push pin and paint swatches for a sunny necklace display on one wall. It's temporary so it will be easy to switch up when the mood strikes. 

Elsie larson closet 11Elsie larson closet 12I think that shoes are so beautiful. They're one of my favorite clothing pieces to collect. Instead of hiding them away in my closet, I like to display them all over the room!

Elsie larson closet 13Elsie larson closet 14My favorite wall in my closet is this little shoe display. My dad helped me hang them and they make me happy every single day! I love decorating with wearable things. Thanks so much for taking a peek at my closet! Cleaning it (and trying on clothes for hours and hours) is one of my favorite weekend and late night hobbies. I'm pretty in love with this little space. xo. elsie

Notes: Photos by Janae Hardy, Racks/Bed, Bath & Beyond, Curtain/Vintage, Rug/Urban Outfitters, Closet Storage Boxes/DIY here, Lawn Chair/Vintage, floors are painted white, all clothes that haven't been featured in an outfit post will probably be worn soon. XO


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