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Kitchen 1Kitchen 2Kitchen 3Welcome to our kitchen! We've spent a lot of time in this room during our first year of marriage! We painted our cabinets with chalkboard paint for easy message writing and menu updates. I finally found a good place to store my gigantic vintage thermos collection, above the kitchen cabinets. Jeremy uses them all the time to take coffee to work. The menus above are from a recent dinner party! 

Kitchen 4Kitchen 5Kitchen 5Kitchen 5Kitchen 5I love details. Our kitchen is full of personal wedding gifts, vintage collections and as many fresh flowers as possible. I've enjoyed floral design this year, so I try to make a new bouquet or two as often as possible. The fawn cookie jar is a bit of a tease because that's where we store puppy treats! 

Kitchen 9Kitchen 10Kitchen 11We have enjoyed cooking together all year. We've been trying new recipes and learning a lot. I'm lucky because Jeremy loves to cook even more than I do! My specialty is fancy grilled cheese, his specialty is spagetti squash with meatballs... yum! 

Kitchen 12Above our dining room table I created a display to document our first year of marriage. On this display we save little bits like movie tickets, memories from trips, love notes, photos and maps of all the places we've visited. I love the visual reminder of the happy memories we're building. When the year is over I'll probably take it down and turn it into a scrapbook. 

Kitchen 13Kitchen 14Kitchen 15I love playing records in the kitchen while we're cooking and cleaning! We collect records (vintage and new) so it's fun to make this one of the focal points of our kitchen. I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into our kitchen. We have a lot of fun in here! xo. elsie 

Notes: Photos by Janae Hardy, Kitchen Table/Vintage, Record Player/Crosley from UO, Bearded Men Print + Couple Portrait/Ashley G, Black + White Print/Sherri Dupree Bemis.♥ 


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