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Shark purse DIYHi friends! Today my friend Kara of I Just Might Expolode is here to share a super cute project! Enjoy...

Shark purse 2My sister is obsessed with sharks and the JAWS. I wanted to make her a shark purse for Christmas. This is how I did it! You will need: 1 yard of patterned fabric, 1/8 yard of white felt, Coordinating thread, Yardstick, Newspaper, Pins, Sewing Machine, Button for eye.

Shark purse steps1. Use a large piece of paper (or a newspaper) to draft your pattern! First, cut a rectangle 12" by 16". Then place a dot at the half width mark, 6" in and 5" down. Then mark the 6" halfway on the bottom. Using a yardstick, draw two line from the top right and left corners to the bottom 6" mark. Then draw two lines again from the top right and left corners to the 6" dot you drew halfway down. 

2. Then you will need to cut the tail and fin pieces. The tail should be an equilateral triangle of 5". The fin should be a triangle with one 6.5" side, one 5.5" side, and one 4" side. The strap should be 3" by 44". If you want a shorter strap, feel free to adjust it to your liking. For all of these measurements and directions so far it may be helpful to refer to the patterns below. 

3. You will also need to cut 20-22 teeth pieces from the white felt. I cut 22 equilateral triangles of 1.5" with a small .5" rectangle on the end of one side, so I could sew the teeth on easily. 

4.  Now pin the patterns to fabric and cut. You will need to cut two, two-side body pieces from the patterned fabric. And only one two-sided pieces from the patterned fabric of the tail and fin. Also, cut one one-side of the fusible interfacing of the tail and fin patterns.

5. Sew together the front-facing body pieces. Only sew the long sides together, leaving the top, inner triangle unsewn.  Do this with the other one you cut out. Once you're done, you will have one piece for the outside and one piece for the lining!

6. Cut the fin and tail pieces. Iron on the fusible interfacing to the back side of one piece for both the fin and tail. This will help keep the fin and tail sturdy! Sew the front-facing pieces together, leaving one side unsewn. Pull them inside out and then fold in the un-sewn edges inward and pin. Sew the seams closed. 

Now let's get back to the body. Pull one of the body pieces right side out and iron(this is your outside piece). Leave one piece inside-out(this is your lining!). After you have iron the outside piece, slip the lining piece inside of the outside piece so it's nice and snug. 

Fold in the edges and pin as you go. Getting the top corner folded in just right is difficuilt, but don't worry too much about it since you'll be covering that up with the bag straps. 

7. Once you have the edges pinned inward, iron them. Then unpin each one as you go and slip a tooth inside. Pin again with the tooth in place. Once you have that done, you will be ready to sew it closed!

8. Now you will need to attach the fin and tail! Thread a needle and sew the piece from the inside to the very edge of the fin or tail.

Shark Purse Pattern

Shark purse finishedLast step is to cut a circle from the white felt(use a spool of thread to trace!) and attach a cute button for the eye. 

Shark purse finished 2And there you have a small shark purse. Thanks so much, Kara! xo. elsie


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