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Instagram in berry basketKeeping a home full of photos and memories is extremely important to me. Over the past few years I've noticed that I print out fewer and fewer digital photos. I'm making an effort to print our memories out now, rather than burying them on an old harddrive somewhere. Since I'm a busy lady, easy solutions work best for me. Today I want to share five simple ways I display photos in my home. I used Instagram photos provided by PostalPix, which you can order from your phone next time you're waiting in line at the grocery store. Nice! 

Instagram in berry basket 3Instagram in berry basket 21. My sister gifted me this adorable large ceramic farmer's market basket from Anthropologie for Christmas. I love it and just discovered that it's the perfect size for my 4 inch photo prints! I love this beautiful storage solution for my coffee table. 

Instagram in mason jars2. Have you ever tried "framing" photos in mason jars? It's super simple, just slip them inside so that the photo contours to the glass. They have a bit of a snowglobe effect, no? Plus, they're easy to swap out throughout the seasons. Love em! 

Instagram magnets by StickyGram3. I ordered mini magnets for my fridge from StickyGram. They're really tiny. I think these would make great gifts too! 

Instagram album from BlurbInstagram album from Blurb 24. I love the instagram photo albums available though I posted about my first album here. It was easy to use and great quality! I need to make more books soon. 

Instagram wall display 25. Last, but not least, make a wall display with your photos! I posted about how I got this look here. I love seeing this large grouping of our memories in my living room each day. It reminds me how full and crazy our life really is. It's nice being reminded of the people, places and memories you love! 

Hope you have a wonderful day! If you have a creative photo solution for your home, leave me a link so I can take a peek. xo. elsie


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