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Bella Doll 1This special project for my niece was so much fun! After we made Bella's birthday cookies I throught it would be fun to make a mini plush version of her (a twin!) as a fun gift....

Bella Doll 2
Bella Doll 3Here's how we made Bella's doll... First, I picked up a blank plush doll from Hobby Lobby. I painted it's scalp black and added yarn hair to match her cute bob. Then I painted a cute "swimsuit" and glitter shoes on the doll (all with fabric paint). Kinsey helped craft these adorable outfits. They are made with restyled fabrics and simply a tiny version of the outfit i bought for Bella. The bow and polka dots are painted on the fabric with Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint (our new favorite paint). She loves The Wizard of Oz, so I snagged some red glitter shoes for her too. It was so much fun. We whipped this doll up in a couple days in our spare time at the shop! 
Bella Doll 4
Bella Doll 5
Bella Doll 6Hooray! Bella loved her new doll and her new outfit too! I love handmade toys and it was so much fun to make this doll for her! If you make a doll for your kiddo please share a link with me. XO. elsie


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