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Chevron holga DIYLast year I designed this chevron holga camera for my shop! It was tons of fun and since we no longer produce them for the shop I thought I'd teach you how to make your very own. Holga cameras are classic toy cameras that take charming, unpredictable and imperfect photos. They are inexpensive and famous for beautiful "light leaks" that make photos special. They're one of my favorite toy cameras! Enjoy...

Chevron camera stepsHere's how we painted our Holga: 1. Supplies needed- Holga Plastic Camera, masking tape, indoor/outdoor paint, paint brush, acrylic sealer (optional). 2. Tape off your camera in a chevron pattern! 3. Paint the exposed face of your camera. Be sure to use a small brush for detailed, clean edges. Repeat with more coats of paint if you need to. 4. Remove tape and touch up edges of the lines. Use a coat of acrylic sealer if you want for extra protection! ♥ 
Geometric bird holga

I painted a bunch of Holga cameras for my wedding. I used these same supplies and method and added some handpainted details too! I hope you have fun painting your very own Holga camera! It's fun having a one-of-a-kind camera. XO. elsie


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