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Diana + Lens for DSLRI had so much fun writing this next feature! We partnered up with Photojojo to show you something extra special. They have a Diana + Lens that you can use on your digital camera. For those of you who aren't familiar, Diana + cameras are a toy camera famous for dreamy, surreal photos. The thing that's so neat about using this lens on a digital camera is that you can experiment and take as many photos as you want. Most rolls of 120 film for Diana + cameras only take 16 photos, so the freedom to experiment is a pretty big deal to me. Emma and I spent some time playing around with window light. Here are some photos we took with this fun lens...

Diana+ lens 1Diana+ lens 2Diana+ lens 3Diana+ lens 4Diana+ lens 5Diana+ lens 6Diana+ lens 7Well, there you have it! Perfectly imperfect photos with tons of personality. I love the light flare! Be sure to take a peek at Photojojo for more photography fun! Hope you have a lovely day. XO. elsie and emma


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