00-vdayDIYHi friends! Today our lovely contributer, Amanda, is sharing how to make these insanely cute glittery jars for Valentine's Day... or just any ole' day! 

00-vdayDIYsupplies01-vdayDIY1. Paint various designs on the inside of the jar with the glue. I chose to paint large hearts, stripes, and a solid gold for my three jars. Polka dots would also be cute!02-vdayDIY012. Pour a bit of glitter into the jar to coat where you've painted on the glue, then tap the jar upside down onto a piece of paper a few times to remove the excess.03-vdayDIY013. If you're using various colors of glitter on one jar, do one color at a time and allow the glue to dry thoroughly before you start another color. This keeps the colors from mixing!

04-vdayDIY4. After you've finished the designs and the glue has dried, coat the entire inside of the jar with a thick layer of glue and allow to dry for at least 24 hours. This forms a "seal" over the glitter and keeps it from flaking off.05-vdayDIY5. Fill the jars with your favorite Valentine's treats! Note: Kind of obvious, but even though the glitter won't flake off I'd still recommend only using treats that are individually packaged. 

Thanks so much, Amanda! This D.I.Y. is so cute. I want to make a polka dot and stripe version. xo, elsie 


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