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Instagram wall displayInstagram wall display 2After our living room tour many of you asked for tips on making your very own Instagram wall! This method is perfect for instagram (or any square) photos and polaroids. Mine is not permanent because we are planning to put our home on the market in the near future. The method I used is perfect for renters or anyone uncomfortable with making lots of holes in the wall. Another method would be to mount your photos onto a large board or frame that can move to your next space with you. Here's how I put my wall together, it was a one evening project...

Instagram wall 1First, use a piece of painters tape to mark a level base for your collage on your wall. You can measure from the floor on each side to make sure it's level. This is also a good way to visually test where you want your collage to begin before adhering any photos. 

Instagram wall 2I used painters tape as the adhesive to make hang all my photos. I used 4 pieces of rolled tape on each photo to adhere every corner to the wall It's more sturdy than scotch tape, but won't damage a painted wall. My display has been up for a few months now and a few photos have curled up, but none have fallen from the wall. I used pieces of tape to measure the space between each photo. The most important things to remember when making a grid collage is that the outer edges need to be very straight and the spacing on the inside should be consistent. Using the tape to space each photo made it super easy to be consistent!

I hope this has been helpful! Have fun hanging a special photo display in your space. xo. elsie  

Credits: Top two photos by Janae Hardy, I print my 4 inch photos using the PostalPix app. 


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