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Leather collar 1Hi friends! Today Kinsey is here to show you how to make your very own leather Peter Pan collar necklace. It's super easy, requires no sewing and looks like a cute collar when paired with a simple top! 
Leather collar 21. Supplies: Thin leather (for a vegan option, try high quality faux leather), jewelry chain and jump rings, ribbon, scissors, jewelry pliers, paper. 2. First, make paper patterns for your collar. You don't want to accidentally ruin your leather, so use your pattern to find the pefect fit. You want to wear a top that you would really wear the necklace with to make sure it fits your neck and the top of the blouse, creating the appearance of a real collar!  2. Once you've got the right shape, lay your leather right side down and cut out your pattern. Tip: If your leather has wrinkles or creases, you can iron it by facing the leather down and putting a cotton fabric on top  3. Next, punch a hole in the top corners of each collar. 4. Then, attach the collars by putting the ribbon through the two inside corners and tie a simple knot. 5. Last, you'll attach the chain onto each end of the collars to make it an easy, adjustable necklace.
Leather collar 3I tried two slightly different patterns, this (above) pattern is slightly larger and more round. I like this pattern because it will fit perfectly with many different tops! 
Leather collar 4For this smaller style, I painted a "trim" around the border with Matha Stewart craft paint. I love the look of the edge because it shows off the shape of the collar a little bit better! Have fun wearing your new faux Peter Pan collar! Thanks Kinsey for this fun idea! xo. elsie


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