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Best friend 1I love to decorate my home for each season. This time of year it's a celebration of L-O-V-E! I used some Queen song lyrics (a song from our wedding) to make a simple, graphic piece of art for our bedroom. Would you like to play along?  

Heart art steps1. You will need: Vinyl letters (I used 3 inch), a large canvas (mine was appx. 4 feet tall) and craft paint. 2. Choose the lyrics you want to spell out and cut out those letters. Experiment with the way you want to group your words. 3. Draw a heart outline with a pencil or marker. Next, adhere your letters to the center of the heart. 4. Paint the outside of the heart first to get a clean edge and cover any pencil lines. (oops... I put my S upside down... oh well!) 5-7. Paint 2-3 coats of paint over your heart. Allow it to dry between each coat. 8. When paint is completely dry peel off the letters to reveal your pretty song lyrics!  
Best friend 3Best friend 2Best friend artHave fun painting something pretty! XO. elsie


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