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How to carve a stamp 1I've been making my own stamps since high school. My mom taught me with these exact same supplies and methods. If you've never carved your own stamp, you're in for a treat! 

How to carve a stamp 21. You will need: A cutting tool and a carving block (here's a kit you can buy), permanent ink (i love StazOn.) it's great on lots of surfaces including fabric, wood and metal), pen and a cork! 2. Draw the design you want to use on your carving block. Remember it will print in reverse, so words will need to be backwards on the stamp. Carve around your stamp. Your carving tool will have different sized blades, use the smallest blades to get the tiny details. 3. Glue your new stamp to a cork. You don't have to do this, but I find it easier stamp with when mounted on a cork or wood block. 4. Stamp away! 

Stay tuned for how we made this printed fabric into a cute clip-on bow tie! XO. elsie


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