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How to style victory rollsVictory Rolls are a classic 1940s hairstyle. This season we are loving this pretty style! Katie is here to teach you how to get this timeless look...

Victory Rolls Instructions1. Separate hair down the middle forming two sections (as if you were doing pigtails). Starting on one side of your head, take a section at the top and back-comb it from behind and then use a brush to smooth out the front. 2. Wrap the end of the section around two fingers and begin rolling in toward the scalp. 3. Roll all the way to the scalp and pin in place with bobby pins. 4-6. Repeat on the other side. You can leave the back of your hair down (like the photos above) or pull it up. 7. Take a remaining section of hair on one side, and starting at the end again wrap around one finger and begin rolling in toward the scalp. You want to roll this section tighter because there is more hair. 8. Pin in place until completely secure. Repeat on the other side.
Tips: Wetting the ends of your hair a bit will help keep the control of it while rolling. You can add a scarf to complete this look whether you wear it up or down. 
Victory roll finishedWe hope you have fun trying this pretty styling! Experiment with proportions for different looks. Thanks so much, Katie! XO. elsie 


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