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Glowy backgroundWho doesn't love a glowing background? There's something so gorgeous about an abundance of light taking over a photo- casting the perfect light on your subject. To do this, place your subject in front of a light source (in this case, we used the sun) and don't be afraid to experiment. There's no right or wrong it's all about placing your subject in the right place and once you have your settings in place- have your subject experiment with different poses, which allows the sun to peek through various body movements. The outcome really is beautiful and has a tendency to have a vintage and classic look.
Backlight ExampleWhen we took these photos, Kelli placed Emma directly in front of the sun and then let her pose so that the light leaked through it different ways. 
Glow background 1


Glowy backgroud 2


Glowy background 3The best time of day to experiment with glowing light is during the magic hour or anytime when the sun is lower in the sky. This makes it easier to pose your model in front of it! 
Light flare 1


Light flare 2Sun flare is a natural occurance that can be unpredictible. You can find this light when posing your model in front of the sun. You'll be able to see it through your camera's viewfinder as you move around and find the perfect position! Try these simple techniques next time you are out shooting photos and we think you'll be pleased with the results! Have a great weekend! Kelli, Elsie + Emma


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