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DIY SuspendersLove the look of suspenders on your guy? This project is super easy and makes a great gift! Enjoy...

Suspenders stepsTips: To measure them on your mister, cut elastic into two separate strips. Have him hold them in front at his belt line where he would clip them, take the other two ends over his shoulder. Criss cross them and stretch it to his belt line on the back. You'll want them to be slightly stretched but not too tight so that he can move comfortably. Once you've found the correct length, cut off the excess! 

1. Supplies: 3 yards of elastic (ours was 1 inch wide), suspender clips, sewing machine. 2. Once you've made the correct measurements, simply attach the clips by putting the elastic through the hook so that the front of the clip isn't on the same side as the end of elastic. Sew a straight line across the layers of elastic to secure the hook. Once you have clips on all four ends, you're ready to to sew them together! 3. Layer them in an X form with back ends having about 5 inches of elastic. You'll want the X to be longer in height than in width so that the suspenders aren't too wide. Think of it as it could fit into the corners of a rectangle verses a square. Once it's layered correctly, sew it together by topstitching a diamond shape through both layers.Suspenders 2Suspenders 3Have a great day! Kinsey


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