Hi there! Tonight I thought it would be fun to share two super cute projects that A Beautiful Mess readers have shared with us! I love having a little craft time every weekend and these projects will definitely inspire you... 

1First up, Kirsty from Lovelies in My Life shares how to make this super cute jeweled collar! I just love those collars for the little ladies at Crewcuts and was delighted when I came across a similar vintage version at my local antique market. I decided to turn it into a necklace! I'm not terribly good with a needle and thread, but even the most basic of sewing skills will work for you here! And this took no time at all to whip up. 
2Here's what you'll need: a pretty collar (you can purchase these at vintage shops or on Etsy!), ribbon (I picked a thin velvet), needle and thread. 1. Cut ribbon into 2 pieces, 14 inches each.

32. Sew ribbon onto the inside of collar, about 1 inch from the edge (I did so loosely, just in case I want to change the ribbon in the future). And voila, a pretty new accessory! It's a fun piece to add to many an outfit and versatile enough to wear dressy or even as an unexpected sparkle under a chunky cardigan. Try tying the ribbon in the front or in the back for a different look. Endless possibilities!

BeforenafterNext up, this incredibly cute dress ReStyle by Josie of Fine and Feathered. We love the new life she gave to this vintage dress! 
DubIsn't the back cute? Love it! Thanks for sharing, Josie! 

We hope you have a magical weekend! Are you planning any fun projects? xoxo. elsie


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