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Dress DIY 1We're so excited to share this adorable dress makeover today! Kinsey's design is super pretty and you don't need a sewing machine to try this project. I can't wait to add this pretty detail to one of my dresses too! 
Dress steps1. Supplies: A simple, sleeveless dress, white cotton fabric, scissors, 3 buttons, needle and thread. 2. Cut the fabric into a long strip. You'll want it to be twice as long as your desired collar. Our strip is 16 inches long, making our finished collar 8 inches. It's 6 inches wide. 3. Begin sewing this strip half an inch from the edge with this ruching technique. 4. Once you've finished one side it should look like this. Repeat this process on the opposite side. Be sure to not stich one side too tight causing it to be shorter than the other. 5. Once both sides are sewn, adjust the ruffles so that they are balanced and even on each side. 6. Next, stich all four corners of the collar onto the front of the dress. 6. Lastly, sew some pretty buttons down the front! All done! 
Dress DIY 2


Dress DIY 4


Dress DIY 3We love this cute addition to a simple dress! This is a perfect look for a picnic date or a bike ride with a cardigan. Thanks so much, Kinsey. XO. elsie 


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