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Makeup brush 1Makeup brush 1Here's a cute way to customize a makeup brush set! These patterned brushes will make you happy each morning when you're getting ready. This project is perfect for the weekend!Makeup brush DIY 1. Supplies: wooden makeup brushes, Martha Stewart craft paint, paint brushes, and sanding block. 2. Sand down your brush handles. Unless the wood was already unfinished, this will help the paint to cling to the surface. 3. Paint a base coat, we chose white! Add a second coat if you need to. 4. Paint a pretty design. We chose polka dots and stripes with a messy, handmade look. Have fun! Makeup brush 3Makeup brush 4I love the custom look of the finished brushes! Emma's already claimed these and they're going to look so cute on her wardrobe in a mason jar. Thank you, Kinsey, for helping me create these pretty brushes. Happy Friday, everyone! xo. elsie


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