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Spring art journal 1Hi friends! I wanted to share some photos and details about the process behind my spring art journal. This year I am making an effort to start a new art journal each season. Art journaling is one of the healthiest creative habits that I've found. I hope this post inspires some of you to start one too! Art journal processHere are a few details behind my creative process... 1. Supplies I used... An old used journal (I went through it beforehand and ripped out any pages with ideas or lists I needed to keep) this is a great way to recycle a purse journal after it's filled with random lists and notes you don't need anymore... I would have normally tossed an old journal like this! I also used washi tape + colored masking tape from the art supply store, a pack of colored origami paper (best colors ever! i purchased this a Hobby Lobby), scissors plus some found paper and view master slides. 2. Paint the outside of the old journal to give it a new life. 3. Recover the front of the journal with a large photo, trim to size and add a new binding to the book with masking tape. I also added letter stickers to the front (see the photo below) for a bold title. 4. Choose your favorite colors from the origami paper pack. I loved this step because I got to create a palette that totally reflects my color instincts for this season. I cut it up and am carrying the scraps in an envelope for future art journal pages. 

Prepping pages
Next, spend some time prepping the inside pages. I like to prep a lot of pages (at least 10) at one time and then carry it with me and write on the pages over time. Above are a few examples, but the possibilities are endless! Play with color, texture and photos you love to make pretty backgrounds for your journal entries. Spring art journal 2And here are a few photos of my finished journal. I'll be carrying this around this season recording little bits of life! I have tons of art journals from the past ten years and they are truly one of my favorite keepsakes. 

Spring art journal 3
Spring art journal 3
Spring art journal 3
Spring art journal 3
That was fun! Are you in the mood to make your own art journal now? Start one today with random supplies you find in your home. xoxo, elsie 


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