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Homemade pizza 9 waysPizza is one of our favorite go-to dinner night meals! It's simple, fast, delicious and there are so many options for toppings and flavors! We thought it would be fun to show you some of our all time favorites, just a little pizza inspiration (as if the world needed any-I mean, it's pizza!).

We use homemade naan and pita bread for an easy crust option. If you have more time, or just want to be fancy you could make your own crust too.

Homemade pizza 9 ways 2Our pizzas included: Pineapple pesto, with pesto sauce instead of tomato, topped with pineapple and fresh mozzarella / Pepperoni Avocado, topped with tomato sauce, shredded cheese, spicy pepperoni and thick slices of avocado / Jam and Basil pizza, topped with raspberry jam, brie cheese and fresh basil. This pizza has unexpected but delicious flavors! / Asparagus and Pesto, topped with pesto sauce instead of tomato, topped with shredded asparagus and fresh mozzarella.
Homemade pizza 9 ways 3BBQ pizza, with BBQ sauce instead of tomato, topped with bacon, avocado and shredded cheese / Caprese pizza, with tomato sauce, topped with fresh basil, tomato and mozzarella / Brie, Honey and Grape pizza, no sauce on this sweet treat. Drizzle with a little honey just after baking! / BLT pizza, a total classic topped with tomato sauce, bacon, tomato and shredded cheese. Sprinkle on some chopped lettuce after baking / Apple and Provolone, this one is Emma's ultimate favorite with thinly sliced sour apples and provolone cheese.
Homemade pizza 9 ways 4(yum!)
Homemade pizza 9 ways 5Do you have a favorite pizza combination? Happy baking! xo. emma and elsie

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