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1 how do you add handwriting to photos?People often ask how I add handwriting to my photos here on the blog. Some people even assume that this is a handwriting font! Nope... this is my real handwriting drawn with a digital tablet. I love using a tablet because it's super quick and convenient and I get to practice handwriting in a brand new way. Here's a little bit about what I use and why... 

2 bamboo tabletI use the Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet (CTL470) with Photoshop CS5 to add handwriting to my photos. There are tons of different versions of both wacom tablets and photoshop out there to fit different budgets. Mine is smaller because I carry it with me in my computer bag most days. 

3 bamboo tabletLearning to draw on the tablet takes a little bit of practice. When I first started using a tablet I found it unnatural, but after just two or three nights of practice it felt totally normal... just like drawing on paper (but easier to erase!). One of the tricks I've found is to zoom in and out often, that helps me a lot. Now I feel just as comfortable drawing digitally as I do with pen and paper.  

Well, I hope that helps! I also use the Mobile Sketchbook App for the iPad + iPhone to draw on my photos when I'm traveling. Have a lovely weekend! Elsie 

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PS... here's something I made the other night while missing my sweetie! 

A couple 


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