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How to style pin curlsHave you ever wondered how to style vintage inspired pin curls? Just follow these simple steps! 1. Pin up all of your hair except for a section at the bottom. 2-4. Spray with water and begin taking small sections (about 1 inch) and rolling the hair up to the root. Pin in place. 5-6. Once you finish with the bottom section, release a new section from the pinned hair and continue as before. Do this until all hair is rolled and pinned in place.  If you have any shorter hair left on the side, take it and pin it around one of the curls. 7-8. Finish off your bangs by wetting thoroughly and rolling to the hairline.

Tips: If you have shorter bangs you may need mousse or gel to hold them in place. These curls are also great as "no heat" curls, but using bobby pins will create a dent in the curl.  Instead, use 2 prong curl clips (also known as pin curl clips).

Pin curls finishedThank you, Katie, for this beautiful hair how-to. Happy Monday to everyone. XO. elsie


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