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Inko dye1We love experimenting with Inkodye! It's so fun to watch the ink change colors in the sun. You can see our first adventure with Inkodye here; we used found objects to create a messy and whimsical effect. I wanted to see how the dye would hold up to a more clean-edge type design. Here's what I did:Inko dye steps1. Supplies: Cotton canvas fabric, Inkodye (I used red this time), contact paper, glass or plastic cup, sponge brush and newspaper. 2. Use the contact paper to create a design on your fabric. 3. Dab the dye onto the exposed fabric. I diluted my dye with a few tablespoons of water, just to see (it still turned out quite bright). 4. Leave your fabric in the sun so the dye can set. It was a sunny day when I did these so I left it in the sun about 8 minutes (as recommended on the dye bottle). Remove the contact paper and wash the fabric is warm soapy water in a stainless steal sink (or out doors with a hose). Inkodye 2As you can see, the ink did bleed off the edges of my design. Part of the problem is it's difficult to remove the contact paper without smearing any ink. But I also think that Inkodye is best suited for dye projects that don't require clean edges. Live and learn. :) Later this week I'm going to share a project I made from these fabric pieces! xo. emma


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